We know students are learning.
The CLR will help them articulate it.

The future of the workplace is changing. Although technology will develop new jobs and replace old ones, the value of soft skills will remain the same, if not more important. Increasingly, employees are prioritizing skills such as analytical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and leadership. We know students are already learning these skills through their courses and activities, and we want to help them articulate it. We want to change students’ educational experience and motivate them to acquire these life-long skills while working toward their degree.

The Comprehensive Learner Record at UGA is the new visual platform that will combine students’ courses and activities, highlighting their validated achievements and competencies. This platform will be woven into students’ learning journey from day one, helping students communicate their story while advancing their academic and professional careers.


“You are so much more than your GPA. Employers want to know what you are active in. This gives insight beyond just a number, and this helps you understand the importance of all your classes.” Abigail H., College of Public Health


Each experience, course, and activity included in the Comprehensive Learner Record will be mapped to the six approved Institutional Competencies at UGA:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Social Awareness and Responsibility
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Leadership and Collaboration

Students will begin using their Student Portal starting their first day at UGA, using its features to learn about the Institutional Competencies and begin charting their path. Students will have control over their learning journey, and as they complete courses and activities, their record will create a visualized profile that highlights their accomplishments, competencies, and skills. Students can then share a version of their Comprehensive Learner Record when applying for professional programs or jobs.

Students will access their portal connected to their UGA MyID account to view their skills and competencies, and they will be able to use the platform to find courses and activities and plan for their upcoming school semesters. At any time, students can share a version of their Comprehensive Learner Record via social media or with employers to communicate their experience and tell their story.


“I think this is incredible. It gives a reference point and shows the experiences I need to strive for and deepen my understanding.” – Alva (Rock) R., Franklin College of Arts and Sciences


The Comprehensive Learner Record will greatly depend on UGA’s faculty and staff. As courses and activities are set up in CAPA, UGA’s Course Approval Process Automation, faculty and staff will map their course’s learning outcomes to the six Institutional Competencies. Students will see which skills they will build when registering for classes and opportunities, helping them plan their path at UGA as they build their Comprehensive Learner Record profile.



Faculty and staff can now submit new or existing courses to meet the Institutional Competencies using the updated CAPA system. The system provides faculty the ability to align their course learning outcomes with the Institutional Competency learning outcomes.

For step-by-step instructions and video tutorials on submitting courses to meet Institutional Competencies in CAPA, follow the link below:


For more information or to request an in-person or Zoom training, please contact the Registrar’s Office at [email protected] or 706-542-6358.


The Comprehensive Learner Record is in its design and development stage and is coming soon!


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